What our Customers are Saying?

“My husband and l decided to do something outside our norm when travelling to Greece. We chose the Must Sea Greece trip and would highly recommend it to anyone. There’s no better way to truly experience a country than to live amongst the locals & plus the art tutor is Greek. We have travelled to Greece before, but not to the places on this art tour, which were Crete & Rhodes, both breathtaking islands, with beaches overflowing with culture, with fascinating history & ‘jaw dropping’ scenery. What made our week fun was the daily surprise of a new location of where we were to paint, breathing in the culture as you painted was so relaxing, that at times l felt l was not on a painting tour. The various selections of foods and eating out at different places was exciting and refreshing & a great way to meet people on tour & the locals. The accommodations captured the Crete & Rhodes culture perfectly, homely, comfortable and all had welcoming hosts. One of my favourite memories is the Welcome Ouzo bottle in our room fridge or a Greek sweet. We had a wonderful week in Greece.”

(Hayley R – Australia)

“We would recommend anyone to do this painting tour, as it is a rewarding, relaxing, and a great introduction or a welcome back to Greece experience. I myself was there to improve my skills in painting, but came away learning a few new techniques, whereas my wife had little painting experience and actually loved the serenity of each location and the time to do your work at your own pace. The tutor was friendly, so helpful and very patient. Neither of us felt inhibited asking for advice or help on any small detail. Being in a small group and outside of an art studio was positively inspiring to absorb and concentrate on your painting. The tutor’s extensive knowledge of Greece, the language and connections made us feel safe and relaxed. On one occasion, my wife needed to seek medical service and asked her for advice. Even though this was not part of a trip service, she willingly assisted and saved her time. The islands of Crete and Rhodes were more beautiful than we imagined, words can’t describe them, photos don’t do them justice, but our paintings do. They bring back our memories of each location, such as Chania, Loutro in Crete or Lindos in Rhodes and nearby Symi. We will be back, as we just love Greece.”

(Martin S – United Kingdom)