Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully below our Terms and Conditions before booking one of our Must Sea Greece painting holidays.

“We / us / our” refers to Must Sea Greece which trades as GDK Nominees Pty. Ltd. The registered company name in Australia. Our Australian Company Number (ACN) is 083168003 and business address is Unit 3 / 680 South Road Moorabbin Victoria 3189.

All people attending our painting holidays must be age 18 and over. Unfortunately, children and non-painters cannot be accommodated on any of our painting holidays. Upon special request, we can accept children aged 16+, if the parent and child both book in as painting guests.


1.1 All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars (AUD).

1.2 The deposit amount stated on our website is the amount to be paid to secure a booking with one of our painting holidays. This fee is per person and per holiday. It is not a deductible deposit. It is non-refundable, but can be transferred in the form of a voucher to use on another of our painting holidays within a 24 month period.

1.3 Deposits must be paid online by credit card or PayPal when booking one of our painting holidays. We only accept bank transfers upon request. A booking can only be confirmed when payment has arrived and you receive an email from us.

1.4 The payment of the remaining or outstanding balance for our painting holiday is due at least 90 days before the first day of your holiday. For participants who book less than 90 days before the start of the holiday, please refer to the due date when your invoice has been received.

1.5 For any payments made by bank transfer, the participant will be responsible for the payment of any bank fees associated with this transfer, where applicable. For payments made by credit card or PayPal, an additional terminal/merchant fee of 2% will be charged.

1.6 Should your painting holiday payment/final amount/remaining balance not be paid 90 days before the start of your holiday, then your paid booking payment will be lost.

1.7 For late bookings made 90 days or less before the start of your painting holiday, your holiday payment must be paid within 48 hours of your booking deposit payment.

1.8 Requests for payment by instalments must be made in writing via email. We can accept participants to pay for their painting holiday with up to 3 instalments. However, the holiday payment must be paid in full before the start of the painting holiday. Any or all partial payments made will be lost in the case where the painting holiday has not been paid in full before the start of the holiday.

1.9 Prices quoted for a painting holiday or holiday payment due may rise, but only, if new government taxes or fees are imposed by third parties (such as tourist taxes, city taxes, private or public transportation company price increases or increased prices from any other providers, including accommodation). In the case of any price increase or a change in your painting holiday offer, you will be sent an email with the new offer, which you can decline. In this case, you will have 24 months to travel with us on another of our painting holidays.


2.1 By booking into one of our painting holidays, you agree to purchase your own travel insurance for your trip. Please send us written details of your policy which must include the name of the insurance company and the policy reference number.

2.2 Your travel insurance policy must cover cancellation prior to one of our painting holidays for any injuries, accidents or health related issues preventing you from attending our painting holiday.

2.3 Your travel insurance policy must also cover all your medical expenses during our painting holiday, including repatriation due to any kind of accident, injury, illness, health problem, as well as damage or loss of personal belongings and property, personal liability and all legal expenses.

2.4 Your travel insurance also needs to include any reasons where you may ‘need to cancel’ your painting holiday. You are responsible for having adequate travel visas, where required, when participating on our painting holidays. We are not responsible for your no-show, due to you being denied entry into the country where your painting holiday is occurring.

2.5 You agree that Must Sea Greece trading as If u like ART will not be held responsible for any failed travel insurance claims made by you to your insurance company.


3.1 When booking, you must agree to the mobility clause on our booking form. All participants must have a suitable level of physical fitness that enables them to walk at a regular pace for at least 20 minutes at a time and can climb two flights of stairs, without a rail, aid or personal assistance and without it being strenuous.

3.2 Unfortunately, our painting holidays are not suitable for disabled participants and/or those with special needs. This includes participants who cannot undertake any activities during our painting holiday without the need of assistance of others.

3.3 All participants are responsible for carrying their own belongings and equipment during our painting holiday.

3.4 You agree to not hold us accountable or liable for not being able to carry you or not being able to provide adequate service or assistance, and/or for not having special facilities and/or specific management for your physical condition.


4.1 Breakfast and dinner is provided for each participant (each day) on all our painting holidays. Lunch however, is not included in our costs and must be purchased each day by participants, based on what they wish to eat and drink.

4.2 Each participant will be responsible for what they consume, and can or cannot consume while on our painting holidays. You agree to not hold us responsible for allergic reactions, intolerance to any foods or drinks, or for any foods or drinks consumed which had any negative consequences on your health or well-being or resulting in death.

4.3 Breakfast cannot be consumed in your room during our painting holiday.

4.4  Dinner meals will include 1 main dish and 1 non-alcoholic or 1 alcoholic drink (a glass of wine). Additional food or drinks can be consumed at the participant’s own cost.

4.5 Minibar consumption, snacks and drinks outside of these two meals (breakfast, and dinner) are not included.


5.1 The accommodation we select for our painting holidays are hotels, apartments or studios rented directly from operators of each establishment. They are not luxury establishments.

5.2 Accommodation selected is based on providing affordable, comfortable and clean rooms with a private ensuite (private bathroom). Please be aware that the rooms in European countries such as Greece, are usually smaller than those often found in countries such as Australia, Canada and the United States.

5.3 Every attempt has been made to select accommodation on the ground floor or first floor. Nevertheless, there will be some stairs to climb in getting to your room. Please be aware that the accommodation photos on our website may in some cases be commercial photos and not exactly represent what the actual room looks like, but will be of equal comfort.

5.4 Should you find the accommodation unsatisfactory upon arrival, then you agree to upgrade your room or relocate at your own cost and agree that we will not refund any part of the holiday to you with regards to your accommodation standards.


6.1 You may cancel your booking by sending us an email titled ‘Cancellation Request’. Please specify the need to cancel with the painting holiday dates and reason for cancelling.

6.2 You must refer to your travel insurance company policy, if cancelling due to health reasons, injury or other issues. Your travel insurance policy must cover you for any of these situations.

6.3 Our cancellation policy is stated below. It is based on the date on which we receive the written notice of your cancellation. A $75 AUD processing fee will apply to all cancellations, regardless of when the cancellation occurred.

  • If you cancel more than 90 days before your painting holiday start date. You will receive a full refund for your paid holiday balance minus a $75 AUD processing fee.
  • If you cancel 60 to 89 days before your painting holiday start date. You will receive a voucher for 50% of your paid holiday balance by email and to be used within 24 months. Once your voucher expires the value will be lost.
  • If you cancel 30 to 59 days before your painting holiday start date. You will receive a voucher for 30% of your paid holiday balance by email and to be used within 24 months. Once your voucher expires the value will be lost.
  • If you cancel 1 to 29 days before your painting holiday start date. You will receive a voucher for 15% of your paid holiday balance by email and to be used within 24 months. Once your voucher expires the value will be lost.
  • If for any reason you decide to leave us while on our painting holiday, no refund or vouchers of any monies will be received. If leaving for medical reasons, you will need to contact your travel insurance company. You agree not to hold us responsible for any ailment contracted during your time on our holidays, including Covid. You agree that any chosen or lawful isolation will be solely at your own expense.

6.4 Please note that the booking deposit fee paid is non-refundable, but will remain valid for 24 months from the date of your initial holiday purchase, which is transferrable once onto another of our painting holidays.

6.5 We shall not be responsible for your cancellation or no-show or consequences at any time, should you change your mind or cannot afford to attend. This also includes cancellations or no-shows due to lack of appropriate visas, missed flights, missed transportation or car hire of any kind, personal, family or friend related accidents or health issues, general health epidemics or pandemics, natural disasters, civil unrest or threat of war or terrorism in own or other countries


7.1 Participants booked on a Must Sea Greece painting holiday will be able to transfer their booking deposit payment and remaining balance payment made to another painting holiday for a period of up to 24 months, should strict COVID policy prevent you from attending. This can relate to compulsory quarantine or travel deemed impossible in Greece, as well as any Covid related lockdowns imposed during the painting holiday dates in Greece or in the country you reside in (with proof of flight purchase).

7.2 Please be aware that a Covid related cancellation will not be applicable, should quarantine in your country of residence by required on your way to/from Greece, non-compliance with any mandatory vaccine issues or becoming ill from Covid or testing positive to Covid 24 to 48 hours before your arrival in Greece.

7.3 Participants who contract Covid while on one of our painting holidays agree not to hold us accountable for their health issues even resulting in long term health issues or death. Potential isolation or quarantining while on or after the painting holiday will be on your terms and at your own expense.

7.4 We recommend at all times that you follow the travel advice for your painting holiday destination, to ensure you comply with up to date Covid related or health related requirements for Greece.


8.1 We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any painting holiday, if the minimum number of 4 paid participants for any painting holiday is not met and if for any safety reasons the painting holiday cannot proceed.

8.2 Should any of the above stated occur, we will offer participants a voucher valid for up to 24 months of the same value as money’s paid to Must Sea Greece for the previously booked holiday.

8.3 Please note that you must not purchase your flights or other related transportation services relating to your booked painting holiday until we have confirmed via email with you that the holiday booked is proceeding.

8.4 Please note we will not refund your flights, cancellation fees or any other related costs due to our cancellations.


9.1 In case of any incidents or accidents using any means of transport such as buses, trams, trains, ferries, private vehicles or by walking, we hold no responsibility. Should any accident or incident occur, you agree to deal solely and directly with the transportation company in question.

9.2 Your private personal travel insurance should cover you in case of a road / traffic accident as a passenger or pedestrian in all circumstances.

9.3 If you cannot make the scheduled times of pick up or drop off or departure times to/from your accommodation or specific destination relating to our painting holiday, you will then need to find your own way, at your own additional expense.

9.4 If you decide to leave the painting holiday early, you will need to arrange your own transportation. We cannot arrange individual transportation or transfers at any time.


10.1 You shall at all times behave in a safe, responsible and courteous manner, comply with all instructions, regulations and codes of practice issued by us or our suppliers.

10.2 We hold no responsibility in the event of you losing travel (airline) tickets, daily or weekly bus, shuttle, tram, train or ferry tickets, while on one of our painting holidays.


11.1 On your painting holiday, we provide materials and equipment based on your chosen preferred medium. You cannot select more than one medium to work with during your holiday.

11.2 Your tutor will provide you with A4 watercolour/drawing paper to use. If you wish to paint on canvas or canvas boards/panels, you will need to bring your own.

11.3 You may bring a small amount of your own art materials, if you wish to use on the painting holiday. Please be aware that you will need to carry these with you daily to make sure they are lightweight. There will be no reduction in your painting holiday cost, should you wish to use your own art materials, instead of those provided by us.

11.4 Painting in bedrooms or in other non-designated areas is not allowed. Should any painting or drawing medium cause any staining or damage, you will be responsible for cleaning or replacing what has been damaged.

11.5 Suitable and available indoor places will be found for painting and drawing, should weather conditions become unsuitable to be outdoors.

11.6 Artwork produced by participants remains their property and it is their responsibility to arrange for packing and taking any artwork home in their luggage or by shipping from the painting holiday destination, at their own cost.

11.7 Unless otherwise specified by you in writing before the holiday is to start, you may be photographed, filmed, videoed while painting or drawing. Photos and/or videos of you and/or artwork may be shown for marketing purposes only on our website, social media pages and/or other advertisements promoting our holidays for an unlimited time.


12.1 Smoking indoors during transportation or during group activities is strictly forbidden. Smokers shall be completely free at any time, to take breaks from group activities to smoke at their convenience outdoors, away from the group.


13.1 You are responsible for your own personal travel insurance and ensuring your policy includes comprehensive medical expenses cover and cancellation cover. We hold no responsibility if you become ill, are personally injured (fall, road accident or any other injury) or decease during the painting holiday period. Unfortunately, no refunds can be made for absences from a painting holiday including missed tutoring, missed meals, nights of accommodation or any other activities you may have missed or partially missed.

13.2 You are responsible for complying with our Terms and Conditions, the destinations’ government authorities and laws, and of bearing any costs due to consequences of any non-compliance by yourself.

13.3 You are advised to wear appropriate clothing and our art apron provided when painting/drawing. We hold no responsibility for any staining on your clothing caused by you or any member of the group or by our art materials.

13.4 For safety reasons, sturdy and comfortable footwear is advisable daily, when walking to sites with the group or anywhere outside of your accommodation.

13.5 We have the right the update our Terms and Conditions, should the need arise, without prior notification. When it is necessary for changes to be made, we will inform all participants booked on our painting holidays of any major changes, where they are may be effected in a less favourable manner.


14.1 The order and actual timing of our proposed activities during each of our 7 day painting holiday programs may need to change, subject to any unforeseen weather conditions, changes to transport schedules and/or availability of local services. Every effort will be made to keep to our proposed itinerary.

14.2 Each of our painting holiday program itineraries have been carefully designed and the locations selected cannot be changed. Any special requests by participants to visit places not part of our itinerary cannot be met.